FNSSP Dadavan & IT Administration Workshop

  • Posted on: 5 December 2016
  • By: angiemorris

Data Administration community workers from Poplar Hill, Deer Lake, North Spirit, Keewaywin and Lac Seul schools are attending this two day workshop for the Data Management component to the FNSSP Program.  The next two days, we'll be covering Introduction to Google Chromebooks, Google Apps for Education, Dadavan Report Wizard, Organizing student data using Dadavan and using Google spreadsheets to manage your data. 

We have a variety of experienced workers attending the workshop. We have a super user, Charmaine Littledeer from Lac Seul. Beginner user, Jesslynne Oombash from North Spirit and everyone in between. It's a good thing that Jesse Fiddler, the KNet Data Manager, knows how to evaluate the crowd and help everyone along. We're anticipating an information filled two days at the Days Inn.